Lead Us to Light

Lead Us to Light:
A Collection of Amma’s Teachings

27 September 2003

Lead Us to Light

Lead Us to the Light, Volume Two was officially released on the day of Amma’s 50th birthday. The book is a collection of Amma’s messages published Matruvani, the Ashram’s spiritual monthly, for more than a decade.

The book is divided in to three sections: “Children of Immortality,” which contains Amma’s birthday messages from 1990 to 1999; “Take Refuge in Me Alone,” Amma’s messages from various occasions; and “With Hands and Legs Everywhere,” Amma’s messages from special occasions like Onam, Kerala’s harvest festival.

The book was compiled by Swami Jnanamritananda, one of Amma’s senior disciples. It was translated by Dr. M.N. Namboodiri, a longtime devotee of Amma.

As said in the book’s forward, “As Amma reveals the truths of life in the light of spirituality in a manner that is unassailable by logic, the reader gets not only a new vision of life, but also indescribable solace and peace of mind. Like a mother talking to her child, She brings deep principles to light in the simplest of words. We get satisfying answers here to numerous questions that each one of us has asked or wanted to ask at one time or another.”

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