Welcome to Amritavarsham 60, the official website for Amma’s 60th birthday celebrations. The birthday was celebrated in Amritapuri, India from September 25 to 27, 2013.
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Health Care

Amrita Hospital will provide Rs.50 crore of free kidney transplants, cardiac surgeries and cancer treatments to the poor throughout the country.

Go Green

As a member of the United Nations Billion Tree Campaign, MAM along with Amma’s other organisations will embark on a go-green mission across continents, planting 600,000 saplings in Kerala over an year.

Nano Cutting-edge

Amrita Centre for Nanosciences and Molecular Medicine will introduce it’s cutting-edge technologies in the service of society. An implantable beating-heart patch for heart-attack victims, a nano-medicine that treats drug-resistant leukemia, a polymer wafer to prevent brain tumours and solar cells which are 500-time extra efficient and larger power density.

World Peace

A three-day-long ritualistic prayer “Sata Chandika Homam” for world peace with more than 50 traditionally trained priests from Karnataka taking part.

Social Care

Get together of 59,000 beneficiaries of its social welfare pensions to widows, mentally and physically challenged individuals. Extension of pensions and scholarships-for-the-poor programs. Free marriage ceremony for dozens of impoverished couples, providing clothing, gold jewelry and other items required for traditional wedding.

Empowering Women

Launching 101 vocational-training centres with special focus on educating women struggling to live above the poverty line in skilled trades such as plumbing, jewelry-making and fabric-painting through computers..

Research India

Amrita University will launch a new department focused on research, education and proliferation of India’s vast spiritual tradition.

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