Penultimate day of Chandika Mahayaga

The Sata Chandika Mahayaga reached its penultimate day of rituals, and today was a special day indeed. The day began with the morning prayers and recital of the Vedas, but today’s pooja was the Ayusya homa, followed by the Navavarana Puja and Navakshari recital. A huge kalam, similar in shape to the Sreechakra covered the western part of the hall, with a drawing of Lord Shiva at its top. It was precisely created, with intricate colours and shapes.

The Ayushya Homa is done by priests to promote longevity and prosperity through the years, a puja that is relevant in this age of ailments and disasters. The chanting of Devi Mahatmya once again resumed, but with more and more devotees joining in the puja, and chanting together.

‘Goddess Shakti inspires within us the need to awaken to our spiritual culture. This yaga will help stimulate us to do good things, and lead the righteous path, ‘said a priest. Agni Madhanam (making fire) was done before beginning the official yaga fire, with much pomp and fanfare. The sounds of nadaswaram filled the air towards the evening, as the yaga moved on to its final stages.
Tomorrow is the final day of the yaga, when the final prayers and hymns will be offered. The last three days have created a remarkable difference in the atmosphere of Amritapuri. More and more are flocking to take part in the yaga, partake the Prasad, and pray for a safer future. It will indeed be a momentous day tomorrow.