Shri. Jagjit Singh

Shri. Jagjit Singh
Popular Ghazal Singer

For nearly 30 years, Shri. Jagjit Singh has thrilled audiences all over the world with his original renderings of classical ghazals, a form of Arabic, Persian and Urdu poetry written in a distinctive couplet style. The poems expound love, contemporary ideas and deep philosophical insights. Shri. Jagjit Singh is hailed as one of the leaders who saved this unique style of traditional music from the brink of extinction.

Shri. Jagjit Singh was born into a pious Sikh family of Rajasthan, and from an early age sang religious songs. His talent in singing ragas enabled him to master ghazal singing, and his own style emerged as he began to blend classical and Western music.

He is also well known for his soothing, inspiring original bhajans, some of which he will be singing during Amritavarsham50.

Jagjit means “”world-winning” and some would say that it is the master’s own creative touch that has earned him world-wide appreciation as a soul-touching singer.

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