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Snapshots of Amritavarsham50 Attendees

Carl Marsak

“Mother has become a global phenomenon. Sitting here in the ashram café at the stadium is like sitting at the United Nations—so many languages, so many cultures. For me the excitement of the celebration is the gathering’s intention of brainstorming for solutions leading to world peace. The celebration is a beacon of light in a troubled time.”

S. Rajasekharan Nair
Fireman at Amritavarsham50

“This event changes the lives of all the people in the world. It’s a sign of change in everyone.”

Mr. Koshi
son of Kerala’s first chief justice

“Mata is doing good for the people. I always said that if we want to change something in this country, we should get rid of all the politicians and all the religious leaders. They always make trouble and block the progress in this country. But Mata is different; have you ever heard Her preach religion? She is preaching love. She is doing a lot of good work for the people. We need more people like Her in India!”

Senior citizen from Thodupuzha, Kerala
(while handing out flower petals to passersby)

“When I call to God, She comes sooner than any other God.”

Mr. M. Muraleedharan Nair
police officer at Amritavarsham50

“For me, Amma is God. She is a light—sunlight. She reforms souls. Earlier I had atheist beliefs. Truly speaking, I had no true love to waste on anyone, even for my neighbors. After becoming a follower of Amma, my vision has totally changed.”

Toby Bonham

“We’ve come as pilgrims to be at this extraordinary, amazing event—once in a lifetime! I think Amma’s the most beautiful being on the planet!”

Anoop Kumar Pillai
Taxi Service Manager

“I love so many devotees coming to Kerala, because I love Kerala. I love that I can communicate with so many people: Germans, Americans, Spaniards. This is because of Amma. The main thing She teaches us is that we seem different, but we are all the same. There is no difference between whites, blacks and Indians.”

G. Narayanapillai
water man, 68 years old

“I am very happy to do this job. I am ready to work for Amma anytime.”

(a volunteer handing out drinking water to thirsty devotees in the hot afternoon sun for 20 hours straight)

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