About Amritavarsham50

For the millions of devotees and admirers of Amma across the world, Amritavarsham50 was not just a birthday celebration, but the need of the age. This confluence of cultures and nationalities was a prayerful occasion, a sincere effort to bring forth the light of peace and harmony in this age of materialistic darkness.

Perhaps never before has such a massive and diverse array of humanity came together in such a celebration. Lakhs of Amma’s devotees and admirers—representing all of the 191 United Nation member countries—made the pilgrimage to Cochin out of reverence for Amma and Her lifetime of embracing the world. Spiritual and religious figures; politicians, educators, business leaders and great thinkers; actors, artists and musicians—all came to play active roles in these Epic Celebrations.

In truth, the birth to be celebrated is our own—the potential birth in our hearts of all the divine qualities Amma embodies. For 30 years now, Amma has been showing us the way, holding our hands and leading us by Her example, wiping our tears, and blessing us with the nectar of pure knowledge. While ignorance has no beginning, it does have an end; may Amritavarsham50 be a celebration of that.

In this spirit, Mata Amritanandamayi Math hosted four historic summits during the Amritavarsham50 Celebrations.

“Religions Embracing for Peace & Harmony” brought together spiritual and religious figures from around the world to discuss and endorse resolutions regarding the roles and responsibilities of organised religion in today’s society.

“Embracing Universal Motherhood for Peace & Harmony” united women social and religious leaders and other dignitaries to discuss and endorse resolutions regarding the empowerment of women in modern society.

“CEOs and Business Leaders Embracing the World for Peace & Harmony” was a two-day summit of a highly select group of top CEOs and business leaders from around the world. Presided over by His Excellency the President of India, Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, and in the divine presence of Amma, these luminaries discussed how to transform India into an economically secure, spiritually strong global leader among nations.

Finally, “The Future Generation Embracing Selfless Service for Peace & Harmony” was a 100,000-strong youth rally. His Excellency the President of India, Amma and other eminent personalities addressed this massive international congregation in the name of awakening young men and women to the beauty of selfless service.

Religion and spirituality, young and old, business and politics, arts and entertainment; the voices represented at Amritavarsham50 are from every corner of the globe, every sector of humanity—the hue and cry of a humanity eager for change, sincerely committed to peace and harmony over intolerance and strife. As Amma says, in these times strength is found in unified action and the unifying force is love. If we can open our hearts and minds to these voices—in whatever form they appear—there is no limit to what we can achieve.

This was an international event—cutting across all boundaries of cast, creed and religion. It came not only at the wish of Mata Amritanandamayi Math, but in response to the cherished yearning of Amma’s devotees and admirers from around the world.

Vande Maataram!

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