The Summits

Religions Embracing for Peace & Harmony:
Amritavarsham50 Interfaith

“There is no harm in having many religions and faiths, but it is harmful to think that they are different and that one faith is higher and the other one is lower. Children, do not see the differences. See the unity in them and the great ideals that they teach.” – from Amma’s Interfaith Summit message


Embracing India for Peace & Harmony:
Amritavarsham50 CEOs and Business Leaders Summit

“Children, all of you know how to run your business. Business is for life, but life should not become a business. The talents given by God are our wealth and the wealth of the world. The greatest disaster in life is not death, but rusting while we are alive.” -Amma


Embracing Universal Motherhood for Peace & Harmony:
Amritavarsham50 Women’s Initiative

“The essence of Motherhood is not restricted to women who have given birth; it is a principle inherent in both women and men. It is an attitude of the mind. It is love – and that love is the very breath of life.” -Amma


Embracing Selfless Service for Peace & Harmony:
Amritavarsham50 Youth Meet

“In every part of the world, we can see that the zeal to realise higher ideals and the enthusiasm to serve society is to be found mostly among the youth. My children, you should blossom into beautiful flowers, spreading fragrance throughout the country and the world.” -Amma


Jala MahasangamamThe Confluence of Waters
“The unity of hearts is the beauty of society. When Amma sees all Her children gathered here, Amma sees a vision of a new age where the whole world embraces one another in love and unity, like children of the same Mother.” -Amma

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