Melodious on Sitar by Debu Chauderi

Good Morning, Amma!

The day starts as any in all lands on this planet. The sun starts its climb upwards into the sky from the eastern horizon, interrupting the sleepy world. A certain rhythm, an energetic of morning is felt by all creatures.

This, the morning of the 50th anniversary of Amma’s birth starts just as any other. The sun shines the gentle morning rays on the International Stadium in Cochin. Sleepy creatures begin to stir. Humans yawn away the night. Another day, another miracle, we are here together once again.

Padma Bhushan Debu Chauderi

This special morning is accompanied by a raga in the stadium. The higher the sun climbs, the more intricate the melodies of sitar and tamboura are woven with the air. Padma Bhushan Debu Chauderi, eminent musician of this land is the master of this offering to the morning devas. The rhythm of this day begins with the accompaniment of tabla and kartals.

Ragas are ancient musical pieces written for a particular time of day. When listened to, they evoke in the listener and performer alike the energies of that time, day or night. In healing, when imbalanced in particular energetics in both Ayurvedic and Oriental medicine, music is often used as a healing force. Realigning with the chords and notes as identified by the masters will produce a balanced effect in the body and also home environment.

As we listen to the offering, a prayer to the day, we are reminded of where we are. An ancient land steeped in tradition and spiritual wisdom. This land Bharata, mother to so very much which is wondrous. Birthplace of Our Amma, Om Shanti India. Happy day Amma.

–Ananda Devi

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