Padmashree Mohanlal

Padmashree Shri. Mohanlal

Padmashree Mohanlal is a much-loved actor from Kerala who has been winning national, state and film-festival awards throughout his long career. Even with 250 films to his credit in his 25-year-long career, he says he is still experimenting.

Although Mohanlal is mostly known for his comic roles, he says he feels equally at home playing serious or villainous characters. He is primarily a Malayalam film actor, but he also performs in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi films, and has even performed a stage play in Sanskrit. His role as Karna, the charactar from the Mahabharata, in Karnabharam for the National School of Drama was played in Delhi and Mumbai. He was recently honoured by the Indian Medical Association for his work in eye donation campaigns.

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