Kyoto Sato & Miki Sugaya

Kyoto Sato & Miki Sugaya (Japan)



"We realise that we share a bond of great love with Amma and all the people we meet in India." —Kyoto Sato & Miki Sugaya

An overview of their Amritavarsham50 Youth Meet speech on Amma’s impact on their lives.

Kyoto and Miki delivered their speeches dressed in the work clothes they wore when they served as volunteers for Amma’s earthquake-relief project in Gujarat. In their speeches, they explained how doing seva [selfless service] for Amma had helped them to realise how when one helps others, in truth, it is they themselves who are helped the most.

“We have found that the Indian people have given us happiness, smiled so much at us, and given us courage,” said the girls. “We feel we are not alone. We have made a lot of friends here in India; people from all over the world, and we are sure we’ll get to meet many more. We realise that we share a bond of great love with Amma and all the people we meet in India.”

“Love holds everything and teaches us that there is no difference between people, no matter what their religion or nationality, and no matter whether they are rich or poor or handicapped, or no matter the mode of their thinking. So, all of the people in the world are living together and can share love.

“For us, living in Japan may make us more materialistic, or we may already be that way. It is not wrong, but sometimes we feel empty living in such a materialistic society. When we come to India and meet Amma, we find more important things for our lives, such as feelings of happiness, and courage and the relationship that we have developed with Amma.”

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